I dropped my iphone into the toilet…again.  My husband, who is a man and doesn’t even have to take his pants off to pee, was very upset with me.  How could I do that twice in 6 months with such an expensive phone!

The answer is simple, woman pockets!  I’m not sure why they even call them pockets since they really can’t hold much of anything larger than an eyelash securely.  What they really are is butt decorations.  I even went out and bought myself a waterproof case after the first time, but quickly learned it would no longer fit in my butt decoration, so went back to my old one.

And as unflattering as cargo pants were, I really miss them.  I miss that convenient pocket right at my finger tips, large enough to hold my lipgloss, some money, drivers license, AND debit card.  And none of it would fall out when you pee.  Or even in the wash!  Which was great when you found an extra $20, not so great when it was lipstick.

I guess what I’m trying to say is I dream of the day when women can have pockets!  And a waterproof phone would be nice too.